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Schößwendter Holz

Company history

In the 50’s, Paul Schoesswendter Sr. took over his father’s small sawmill in Hinterthal, near the town of Maria Alm. In 1960, he acquired facilities in Saalfelden, Uttenhofen and closed the sawmill in Hinterthal. The previous owner of today’s facilities had operated a sawmill until its sale in 1960. It manufactured trimmed lumber, excelsior and barrel staves, thus it was dubbed “Stave Mill”. In 1988, a thoroughgoing renovation of the entire plant was begun. Nowadays, 130 employees process 250,000 solid cubic meters annually of round timber into trimmed lumber and planed products. The byproducts which accumulate, such as bark, sawdust, wood chips and plane shavings, can be utilized and exploited down to the last chip. Bark, in our plant’s own organic oven, is used to generate warmth for the wood drying facilities;
sawdust and plane shavings are pressed into pellets and sold as a renewable, high quality form of energy. Wood chips are sold to the paper industry as raw material. The required amounts of round timber (mostly fir and spruce) are supplied to us from the immediate vicinity of within 120 km, coming in large part from Austria and Germany. Most of the production is exported, largely to Italy. The products are purchased by joiners, carpenters, building centres and wood processing companies, as well as lamination facilities and manufacturers of packaging materials. The family company numbers today among Austria’s most modern high performance sawmills and lumber planing plants.