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Ecological electricity for all

Electricity which could not be purer

Apart from its major business in the sawmill and lumber planing plant, Schoesswendter makes great efforts in the manufacture of alternative, renewable energies such as wood pellets, warmth for domestic needs and remote heating, as well as ecological electricity.


The bio-mass power plant has been in operation since June 2006 and supplies ecological electricity to the public grid, providing ecological electricity to 14,000 households. A heating value of 14 MWh is used for our own home purposes (drying lumber, drying sawdust and heating rooms).


Data Biomass cogeneration plant

Number of employees7
Thermal input21,5 MW
Thermal power boiler19,4 MW
Heat recovery Flue gas condensation up to4,5 MW
Average electrical power5 MW
Generated heat per yearca. 61.000 MWh
Generated electrical energy per year40.590 MWh
Live steam pressure from the turbine64 bar
Live steam temperature from the turbine485 °C

Co2 savings per year
compared to fossil fuels

ca. 40.000 to