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Unsere Holz-Pellets aus hauseigener Produktion heizen Ihnen ganz schön ein! Pellets bestellen

Bonded to the region. You can feel it. Through comfort.

Highets Quality, perfet Delivery, expert Personnel

Satisfied customers are proof positive

Satisfied customers are optimum proof of our quality-oriented
strategy – from production to delivery, everything comes from

the selfsame company. That results in unbeatable heating performance, keeps your heating clean, and helps our customers save money.

Our wood-pellets – just keep on burning

Pellets from the best raw materials, furthermore straight from the
producer: we provide our customers with a first-class product, demonstrably better than the others. Wood-pellets of highest quality, fresh daily from our cutting-edge sawdust and wood shavings, right from our own sawmill.